Title: Rotor’scope

Genre: Puzzle / Visual Novel

Release date: 2023

Help Julie and her partner to solve all the mysteries around the Rotor’scope, a strange artifact found in her new home, an old house owned by a renowned scientist, who disappeared in strange circumstances.

In Rotor’scope you have to solve the puzzles by rotating and turning the game board to make the bricks fall. But beware! The puzzle rules and some special mechanisms may trick you! Either way, don’t worry, you can roll back time and try a different move.

Gameplay Video

A new kind of puzzle

Rotor’scope is a remarkable match 3 puzzle game like no other. Match and destroy the bricks like other match 3 games, but you can not move the bricks! You can only rotate and turn the game board and let gravity do its job to make the bricks fall and interact between them.

An Infinite number of puzzles

Rotor’scope is not as easy as it seems. Bricks can contain mechanisms modifying their behavior and how the puzzle works. Sometimes the rules will force you to destroy a maximum number of bricks, to not destroy any specific color, to solve the puzzle within a movement limit or lock the controls. There are so many combinations that each puzzle will be unique.

Manipulate time

Are you stuck? Did you make a wrong movement and now you can not solve the puzzle? Don’t worry. You can turn back time until the very moment you need to fix your mistake and continue from there. Also, you can move time forward if you have gone back too far.

Unveil the mystery

The Rotor’scope is one of the many mysteries of the new house. How did the owner disappear? Is there anything more to discover? What is the real purpose of the device? Use the Rotor’scope to investigate the house and discover all its secrets.

Create and Share

Do you need more puzzles? Do you want to build astonishing, interesting and funny puzzles? Open the editor and share your very own creations with the Steam Community through Steam Workshop. You’ll be using the same tool we’ve used to create all the puzzles in the game. And it’s very easy to use!

Find the best solution

Solving each one of the puzzles in Rotor’scope can be quite a challenge. You’ve to find a sequence of movements to solve each puzzle, but Is it the best? Due to its design principles, most of the puzzles of the game can be solved in different ways. All solutions are valid, but finding the optimal one will be much more complicated. Use the leaderboards to share and compare your solutions against your friends and the rest of the world.


  • A new kind of Match 3. Turn the game board to match the bricks.
  • Open solutions: Almost every puzzle can be solved in different ways.
  • Different rule sets and brick behaviours for an infinite number of puzzles.
  • Turn back time to try a different way to solve the puzzle.
  • Enjoy a mystery in a stempunk universe.
  • Create and share your puzzles with the in-game editor