Hi there! Do you want to know something about the Team?

Well, just to be clear, “Team” maybe is a big word for Cybernetik Design. At the time It’s a one-man team working with some external collaborators.

So. Who is this one-man Team? My name is Emilio José L. Joyera, I’m a programmer, game designer, writter (check out my first sci-fi novel) and 3D artist working in the videogame industry. I’m currently working at GSN Games,  and before, I’ve worked at Abylight as programmer and The Game Kitchen, designing games like Rotor’scope, or The Pilgrim’s Codex (both of them, winners of several awards). I like to work on team, of course, but I also like to make some individual and more personal projects. That’s because Cybernetik Design exists.

You can follow me on twitter (In spanish and sometimes in English).

Nice to meet you all. I hope you like my games.