Playing with lasers


Just to begin, I want to say that while I was testing some levels created with all the gameplay elements of the game I enjoyed them very muchI am sure you will love the game when you play it.

This two months have been very productive. On this time I’ve added five new gameplay elements:

  • Light Barriers, with three function modes: Avoid all, Avoid lasers and Avoid solid objects to pass.
  • Antennas, to connect elements from different planets
  • Refractors, to split laser beams
  • Mirrors, to reflect laser beams
  • Laser activators, in two flavors: Activator to switch the objects on and activator to modify the behavior of the elements (like switch buttons)

Now it’s time to fix some bugs I’ve found while I was crafting some of the new test levels, and also, update the pathfinding code (or remove it all), because it does not work properly when there is lots of elements that can change the way they allow to pass the player. And of course, I’ll add some new elements like mechanisms, and other secret ones (I want to surprise you when you play the game).

And here is one of the levels I told you about at the begining of the post:

That’s all for now.

See you soon!