Lots of code and new elements


This time, there has been more work done on the code part than the visual, so, after a month and a half, the updates on the project may seem very few, but it’s not the case.

  • The camera code has been improved and now works better when moving between planets
  • New code on the laser turrets allow them to destroy Maigo after a hit
  • Maigo can be destroyed by lasers (and future hazards)
  • The Laser turrets and teleports code has been improved to support a new element: Switch buttons, that can change an element behavior in several ways.
  • Updated the multi-teleports for asymmetrical travel, changed the visual style and code improved to support switch buttons
  • Wires to connect buttons with other elements have been rebuilt from scratch

Next time I will try to add one or two gameplay elements and maybe some new backgrounds.

And here is the screenshot with the new Multi-teleports and the switch buttons.