More planets!

Hi again!

Sorry for the delay. These past weeks I’ve been working on new graphic assets for the game, just to take a break from programming, and it’s faster to code a new feature than find the right color of a new texture.

But don’t worry, I’m happy with the results. I’ve been improving the stars, now they are more realistic; and also, I’ve been making new skymaps and creating a new type of planet. A volcanic one with crystals, lava pits, boiling water and sulfur vents.

And there are asteroids too!

Now, I will return to programming, and will add new gameplay elements, improve the cameras, finish the laser turrets interaction (to kill Maigo, mwahahahaha!), and maybe make more graphics.

And, of course, here is the screenshot.

Concept of volcanic planets with the new skymaps
Concept of volcanic planets with the new skymaps