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GamePlay with several planets

This is the first project update. I don’t know how many time will pass between updates, but I’ll try to post regularly.

Something new to say?

I’ve published the game in the Game Concepts section of Steam GreenLight. I’m pleased about the good reception, even when it’s a puzzle game. If you want to visit the project page on GreenLight, here is the link

How has the game evolved?

  • Upgraded the button textures
  • Added three new button types with different behaviors.
  • Updated the game logic to support rotated planets, and the possibility to move and rotate them while playing
  • I’ve started to program a new gameplay element: some cool green lasers (no, they won’t be red)

And now?

I’ll finish the laser logic, and will add some elements which will interactuate with them, and also I’ll make the laser able to destroy Maigo (the main character).

Something more?

Of Course! Here is a screenshot of a test level about playing with multiple planets, and it also features one of the new types of buttons, the timed one.

Testing Multiple Levels with several planets
Testing Multiple Levels with several planets

See you next time!

Six Sides of the World

After three months stopped, because I got a new job and changed from city and published my first sci-fi novel, I go back to the game development. In the first place, I have reopened the website, it is still pretty basic, but I will add more sections, and contents about this game, and future ones. What is Six Sides of The World? It started as a flash game for the Flash in a Flash contest driven by Unity Technologies. It was one of the four best games of the contest. Now I’m developing it as a PC game, bigger, and better. Do you want to know more? Just wait a few days, I will add a page with the game information. For now, here is a screenshot.

Six sides of the World
Six sides of the World

Who am I? In internet I’m known as Lord Cyberon, indie developer. I’ve worked in other indie games like Rotor’scope or The pilgrim’s Codex. Welcome.